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Bria Bronwyn

“While I’m hustling to create a better future for myself and my family, I’m also learning to be a mother to my son,” said Bria Bronwyn. “Everyday is a lesson in finding balance in our little big world.” Portland based Bria Bronwyn runs a social media and marketing firm, @dopeafide, is a new mom, and […]

OK, wait. What is CBD?

We break it down with Project CBD Originally published by Project CBD There is no arguing that cannabidiol (CBD) is the new “It Girl” for those seeking a natural cure-all. But many of us still lack an understanding of CBD and how it differs from marijuana. Sweet Jane shares more about the wonder elixir via […]

Sarah Stenuf 

Profile on the Founder of Veteran’s Ananda Inc. & Ananda Farms Sarah Stenuf knows firsthand that the effects of combat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are gruesome. After serving as an Apache crew chief for four years in the U.S. Army, including one deployment to Afghanistan, Stenuf was medically retired due to a diagnosis of epilepsy […]

Cannabis 101: Edibles

The 411 on Edibles Edibles are a fun and convenient way to dose your cannabis, but they can produce too much of a good thing if you’re not careful about dosing.   The legal U.S. markets have become advanced with brands like Wana Brands, Colorado, and Défoncé Chocolatier, California, that allow users to know exactly […]