Sweet Jane magazine exists to empower women, those who identify as women, mothers, and grandmothers who support legal cannabis use for health and wellness. Readers may be longtime imbibers, or brand new to cannabis, our mission is to educate and inform everyone on the benefits of cannabis while also helping to navigate a growing cannabis landscape.

Sweet Jane covers topics on body and mind, parenting, cannabis communities, advocacy, profiles of inspiring women, healing benefits, how to grow cannabis, removing stigma, and empowering mothers to care for themselves.

Sweet Jane can be found on select Barnes & Noble newsstands nationwide and in Canada. Readers also can purchase a copy through our website, as well as consuming our online content.

To feel confident that our content is relevant to women and mothers who find interest in cannabis for adult-use of medicinal purposes, we have enlisted a talented Editorial Board. This team supports Sweet Jane by providing editorial guidance, networking, and input to ensure we are meeting the magazine’s mission for readers. Please also read our Legal Disclaimer for further information.

We always welcome story ideas through our Pitch Guide and interested contributors can connect with us via our Contact page.

We also welcome partnerships with brands seeking to reach this growing demographic of cannabis users. Please connect with us via our Partner page. Print and online advertising, and sponsorship opportunities are available.