When moms talk cannabis.

SWEET JANE founder, Katy Ibsen, joined Shonitria Anthony of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast, Tanya Osborne of WomenGrow and Dr. Lanail R. Plummer of Onyx Therapy Group for an educational conversation on motherhood and cannabis via “High Talks”

“High Talks” is hosted by Jess Poulin, founder and CEO of Woke Media. Poulin is also the creator and host of the High on Feminism podcast, which focuses on women entrepreneurs in cannabis.

“I came up with the idea for ‘High Talks’ as a way to further elevate the conversations being had in the cannabis industry, and specifically, being had with the women of the industry,” says Poulin. “Our ‘High Talks’ series dives deeper into the cannabis space, allowing a platform for the women who are changing the game to speak to the legislative side, the prison reform side, and in-general, what cannabis looks like from a female perspective. ‘High Talks’ is our educational platform and will continue to bring women in cannabis to the forefront as we move into this new era of embracing weed and CBD.”

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