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Cannabis 101: Microdosing

Microdosing: How to best integrate it into your lifestyle Microdosing cannabis has become a more common practice as people continue to realize the benefits of small doses of THC throughout the day. Microdosing involves taking incremental doses of cannabis over an extended period rather than consuming larger doses all at once. When you microdose, you […]

Cannabis 101: Indica or Sativa

Indica Or Sativa: Know the Difference New cannabis users may wonder about the distinctions between strains, which are generally broken down into sativa, indica or hybrid categories. When searching for the perfect strain, it’s important to know the differences to be able to achieve your desired effect with cannabis. Sativa strains of cannabis are known […]

O Canada! (puff puff)

Our neighbors to the north have been enjoying the legal high life since October 17, when Canada became the second country to legalize cannabis nationally, after Uruguay, and the first G7 country to do so. As more and more states slowly move toward legalization, we look at just how innovative Canada is in its monumental […]

Figuring dosage

Homemade edibles should still have an even dosage. You can figure that dosage out by calculating the strength of the THC flower you have chosen to infuse into an edible. Let’s use 10% THC as an example. To get the per-milligram amount, divide 1000 by 10 (one gram of cannabis is 1000 mg). One gram […]