Whether you’re buying from a dispensary or making your own homemade edibles, getting an even dosage and understanding what dosage typically works for you is crucial. Consuming too little may mean you don’t feel the effects. Taking too much may leave you paranoid or uncomfortable. Here we break down how to calculate edible dosage.

When making your own edibles, you can figure out dosage by calculating the strength of the flower you have chosen to infuse into an edible. Let’s use 10% THC as an example: 

To get the per-milligram amount, divide 1,000 by 10 (one gram of cannabis is 1,000mg). One gram of 10% THC cannabis is equal to 100 mg of THC per gram.

If you’re making 12 cookies, adding 3.5 grams (one eighth) of cannabis will give you 12 cookies of about 29.1 mg each, or 24 cookies with 14.5 mg each. If your cannabis is 24%,, you’ll have 240 mg of cannabis in one gram. This would yield 12 cookies of 60 mg per cookie, or 24 cookies of 30mg each.

If you are buying an edible from a dispensary, the mg dosage will appear on the wrapper to help you navigate your serving.

For most everyone, 30 mg per cookie would be considered a high dosage, but it’s important to remember the tolerance among consumers will vary. It’s always a good idea to start small when figuring out what a good edible dosage is. 

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If you’ve never experimented with edibles, start with less than 5mg. This will help you figure out if your body can digest cannabis comfortably.


For the occasional consumer who is used to digesting edibles, 5-10 mg is typically a good amount of cannabis to ingest in a single serving.


For those seasoned cannabis users with a high edible tolerance or medical need, 10-15 mg per serving should give you the effects you need.