Microdosing: How to best integrate it into your lifestyle

Microdosing cannabis has become a more common practice as people continue to realize the benefits of small doses of THC throughout the day. Microdosing involves taking incremental doses of cannabis over an extended period rather than consuming larger doses all at once.

When you microdose, you consume only 2.5 mg to 5 mg of THC in an effort to obtain its benefits without the powerful high or psychoactive effect. Those who microdose often feel clear and more focused as the THC steadily but slowly makes its way through the bloodstream, connecting to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Microdosing with THC while using CBD also helps bring out the effectiveness of the CBD.

Cannabis retailers and manufacturers make microdosing easy with mints that contain as little as 2.5 mg of THC, low-potency cannabis oils or tinctures, and accessories like vaporizers that help control cannabis intake.

Interested in microdosing? Find a product that delivers as little as 2.5 mg of THC to start. See how you feel and follow up with another dose at your desired time (it is recommend one wait an hour to two hours later).  

Microdosing is all about allowing you to control the effects of cannabis while enjoying its benefits.

Microdosing doesn’t stop at cannabis. See our story on microdosing mushrooms