Monica Gray, chief operating officer of Nice Guys Delivery in Marin County, California, shared with SWEET JANE how she and her team are keeping themselves and consumers safe amid the coronavirus. Orders continue to come in, which have created new protocols for safe delivery of cannabis products to consumers. 

Washing hands

This is the first thing that is done when employees come into the office or returns to home base from a delivery. Inside the facility the team uses disinfectant wipes on all door handles, phones, and keyboards, frequently. 

Wearing gloves while packing/making deliveries 

Dispatch is asked to wear gloves when handling all products. When using phones and computers, disinfectant is used first thing in the morning and again before each use. 

Drivers are asked to wash hands immediately upon returning and then put gloves on before touching keys, clip boards, orders, etc., and keep them on while delivering. Additionally, drivers are to disinfectant wipes to clean steering wheels, gear shift, and door handle prior to making deliveries. 

Transactions with customers
  • Drivers take extra precautionary steps in approaching a door. Knocking is preferred to ringing a doorbell.
  • Drivers ask the customer if they can scan their own credit or debit card into the chip reader or swipe it as the driver holds out the swiper. 
  • Customers are given the option to allow a driver to sign for their purchase and delivery. If they wish to sign themselves, they are asked to provide their own pen. 
  • Gloves are required if a customer is paying with cash. 
At the end of the day

When a shift ends gloves are disposed of by all personnel. Office and dispatch staff are asked to wipe down all desks, safe handles, keyboards, interior of cars, and phones with disinfectant wipe. 



Photography courtesy of Nice Guys Delivery