Attending cannabis events in adult-use states can be one of the most daunting or exhilarating experiences for new consumers. 

Weed events can feel intimidating. Huge smoke clouds fill the room, joints are being rolled, smoked, and passed; and even the food served may or may not be medicated. If someone doesn’t know their personal tolerance, it can lead down a path of unknown outcomes or a fun adventurous afternoon. 

Khara Pechtes of Food Flower Future (FFF) produces events such as these every other month for cannabis newbies and veterans alike, to bring the California cannabis community together. 

Others can learn from Food Flower Future–especially using cannabis for good. Pechtes’ last event occurred over the holiday season at a private home in Los Angeles where she partnered with a local non-profit.   

The Weldon Project, a non-profit organization focused on social equity was the benefactor of the event. Both organizations inspire change for cannabis policy reform, especially for those who are still in prison for non-violent cannabis offenses. 

With legalization in place today, there are many successful people in business who are making money off of the industry’s advancement. A major goal of the organization is to build halfway homes for those who have suffered from non-violent cannabis offenses as they re-enter the working world. 

“Although we have a lot of fun with cannabis there’s a social equity part of this,” Pechtes said. The event raised awareness and a portion of the proceeds were donated to Weldon Angelo of the Weldon Project and the non-profit’s sub-organization, Mission Green.

By incorporating non-profits into FFF events, Pechtes exposes sponsors and participating brands to the need for social equity in the industry. At her December event, brands included: Aster Farms, Proof Extracts, Aloha Humboldt, Ritual and Rose, 3Leaf Edibles, Smokiez, Honey Pot, Hydroponics Inc. and Grass Fed Bakery. All provided samples and education to event attendees. Also present was a cannabis-inspired jewelry line, Nashira and the event was catered by Chef Rudy Sta Ana

Joaquín Brown of Yoga Wake Up, is new to the cannabis scene, so when he attended the latest FFF event he was initially a bit uncomfortable. 

When Brown choses to consume cannabis he is typically at home with his wife where he can be comfortable. He didn’t know what to expect with a weed event but after some THC-filled inhales he began to relax. 

Everyone’s experience at weed events are different, for moderate to experienced users, they can be a wonderland showcasing various aspects of the plant. Imagine a bar mixing strawberry-flavored edibles into mocktails, or cannabis plants and seedlings on display, even tasty prerolls being passed around. 

Events such as these help create conversations and point toward mainstream acceptance, they are needed in the advancing industry for consumer education and community building.

As these types of events become more commonplace and reoccurring, it will become a part of the mainstream. It’s difficult to say when, but one thing to always consider is the connection of enjoyment, education and social equity are necessities when throwing a weed event.

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Coverage by cannabis journalist, Lisa Curiel Parker. Parker wrote her USC master’s thesis titled “Emerald Skies Ahead: Ethics and Marketing Implications of the Cannabis Industry.” Follow her on Instagram @lisacurparkerPhotography by: Tori Moca