Khara Pechtes, of Food Flower Future, once again brought canna-connoisseurs together for delicious, celebratory and educational event in cannabis this June.

Pechtes, who has produced events for most of her career,  brought to life a festive brunch that cultivated higher conversations around cannabis and honored Pride month with a strategic alliance with APLA Health, a California-based non-profit organization that helps serve the LGBTQIA+ and other underserved communities to help those living with HIV. In addition to collecting donated personal hygiene products, a percentage of the event’s proceeds were used to purchase in-kind donations. The event was the first cannabis event of its kind to align with APLA Health.

The welcoming cannabis community is creating a more cohesive picture that will continue to create a larger synergistic collective for the greater good of the public.

-Lisa Curiel Parker

Lead sponsor, Sonder, provided a tarot card reader that left attendees full of reflective excitement. Other brand sponsors joined the fun by collaborating at the festive Mocktail bar. 3Leaf Edibles offered strawberry jellies, Brew Dr. had limited edition rainbow wrapped Kombucha cans for its “Love” flavor, and Abracadabra Cold Brew was also on the menu.

Papa & Barkley offered hibiscus spa water with the option to infuse beverages with CBD, Old Pal provided a friendly joint rolling station, mints were provided by Kiva and pre-rolls from Henry’s Original were handed out and placed generously on tables and trays.

Food Flower Future will continue to host events throughout the state of California to bring education and consciousness through a culinary exploration of unique food enhanced by cannabis flower and future initiatives.

Coverage by cannabis journalist, Lisa Curiel Parker. Parker wrote her USC master’s thesis titled “Emerald Skies Ahead: Ethics and Marketing Implications of the Cannabis Industry.” Follow her on Instagram @lisacurparker.