Beginners turn to marijuana mentors for assistance and advice 

The world of cannabis can be overwhelmingly complicated for beginners, and having a positive first experience is vital to their continued use. As the legal industry continues to grow across the U.S. and Canada, cannabis coaching has become a popular way for new users to learn about the medicinal benefits of cannabis in a comfortable space.

“Women are less likely to go into a dispensary asking for recommendations, especially seniors or women who have never tried cannabis or tried it with poor results,” says Brittany Chaffee, a functional cannabis coach and founder of Arizona-based Balance in Buds.

Chaffee reincorporated cannabis into her life after being overmedicated for postpartum anxiety. The mother of two left her corporate career to explore cannabis. “Aside from my own trial and error, I completed certification through the Cannabis Coaching Institute last year,” she says.   

Why consider cannabis coaching?

According to Chaffee, cannabis coaching is an opportunity to educate clients on dosage, strains, and symptoms, and how to best understand the endocannabinoid system. Having a cannabis coach is the “shortcut” that saves time, reduces trial and error, and sets up clients for long-term success.  

Coaching is needed for both understanding the plant and the potential benefits* to a client. Because cannabis can be used to ease anxiety, chronic or menstrual pain, changes in hormones, and more, coaches agree that with the right education, users can take the mentoring from a coach to become their own advocate.  

“Cannabis coaching is a service for those who are open-minded and interested in how the cannabis plant can improve their lives, but they aren’t sure where to start or what to do,” says Katrina Evelyn, a professionally trained life coach who is obtaining her sommelier through CannaReps (Canada). As the founder of The Cannabis Coach in Vancouver, she combines her two educations. 

Finding a coach

How to find a coach? Much like doctors and therapists, every cannabis coach is unique; take time to find someone with experience, training, and education that you can connect with.  Upon first meeting a client, Chaffee says it’s important to gather as much information as possible. 

“I want to know what they do for work, if they have children or not, what they enjoy doing, and ultimately what it is that drove them to reach out. We discuss different consumption methods and the endocannabinoid system, as I feel it is crucial to understanding how cannabis works in our bodies,” she says.  

At an in-person meeting with a coach, clients can expect a relaxed environment and conversation. Coaches offer a variety of sessions and packages, as well as online workshops and webinars.  

If you’re curious about your next steps with cannabis and how it may help you, reach out to a cannabis coach. It just might change your life!   

*Anyone with high blood pressure or heart conditions should always consult their doctor before adding cannabis to their lifestyle.

By Juliane Nowe :: Photograph by Ashley Slattery