Sweet Jane finds inspiration in cannabis-forward swim line

Dedicated to the discerning female cannabis fan, Sweet Jane celebrates the girl power flowing through this budding industry. We’re a sucker for swimsuits, especially high high-fashion designs by Mary Jane Swim.

Mary Jane Swim

Another company making waves (no pun intended) in the broader effort to destigmatize cannabis use is Mary Jane Swim. The lifestyle brand offers swimwear for men and women featuring adorable and eclectic marijuana-leaf prints named after popular strains.

Fitness pro Stacey Demar joined forces with designer Diane Walker to bring their first capsule collection, OG Kush, to the masses, and more fun and innovative prints will debut later this year.

In a further effort to support reform and research, a portion of all Mary Jane Swim sales goes toward Athletes for Care, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping support the health and well-being of current and former athletes all over the world. Demar told Sweet Jane that maintaining a commitment to community is key to ensuring the cannabis industry thrives.

“I hadn’t been involved in any industry before that’s been this collaborative and welcoming,” Demar said. “I feel like we have to work together and help each other, because it’s all uncharted territory — everyone’s doing this for the first time!”