If you’re going to go to a weed show, make it Hall of Flowers.

Hall of Flowers returns September 18 + 19 for Season 3. A buzz among many cannabis professionals, especially in California, this trade show has elevated itself to a place between Coachella and MJBizCon.

Cannabis and expos are designed to encourage the sharing of ideas, promote deal flow, and offer networking opportunities to thousands of new and seasoned professionals (and sometimes consumers) in the space.

While the majority of these events run the gamut of any other industry-specific conference, Hall of Flowers is a breath of fresh air. The two-day celebration of California’s thriving marijuana marketplace is an eye-opener for all cannabis professionals, regardless of what state they are based in. 

Dubbed “WeedChella” by many attendees, what sets HOF apart is its laid-back NorCal vibe, which drew nearly 4,500 marijuana professionals this past spring. Think of the show as a business festival, infusing a celebratory vibe with dealmaking, and product sampling. 

Hall of Flowers features a mock dispensary for collecting brand samples and a dedicated speaker’s hall. A cozy picnic area on a grassy section between the buildings made for a terrific place to lounge. Marijuana smoke flowed freely throughout the makeshift consumption park surrounded by food trucks, while a DJ spun an eclectic mix from high atop a wooden pirate ship. 

“Hall of Flowers is really one that brings all of the brands and all of the retailers and sort of the core of the cannabis business together,” said Lucie Herold, co-founder of Plus Products, an edibles company known for their low-dose gummies and mints (available in California only). “That’s a reason why it’s my personal favorite event of the year to attend. It’s really fun.”

If nothing else, Hall of Flowers take mainstream cannabis to an entirely new level, making it, say, in style. 

Photography by Tasha Bleu, courtesy of Hall of Flowers

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