Hawaiian Cannabis Concierge Services – Kauai, Hawaii

Legal cannabis has led to a dramatic increase in the demand for weed-friendly experiences around the globe. Fortunately, brands are emerging to serve these adventure seekers. As social consumption laws take effect where adult-use cannabis has been legalized, more travel options will emerge—and we’re just fine with that!

For medical card holders, an escape to Hawaii will provide more than beautiful scenery. Explore all that the gorgeous island of Kauai has to offer with Hawaiian Cannabis Concierge Services, an ultra-inclusive travel company offering high-end private accommodations, island excursions, fine dining, and, of course, all the smoking implements you’ll need whether catching rays or waves.

Hawaii’s medical marijuana laws allow for reciprocity, meaning out-of-state visitors must hold a valid medical card in order to participate in one of these unforgettable vacations.

Guests can choose their favorite part of the island to stay on and personalize their trip with a variety of activities such as hiking, golfing, deep-sea fishing, or luau dining and dancing. Or take an ATV tour of the area where Jurassic Park was filmed, all while enjoying delicious landrace strains like Maui Wowie that will keep you feeling the island vibes throughout your stay.