Congresswoman from Hawaii

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Gabbard reintroduced The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act in March 2019. 

“Our archaic and outdated marijuana laws are turning everyday Americans into criminals. Every day, the economic and social impacts of marijuana prohibition are having devastating effects on communities across the country,” she said in an op-ed to NORML. The organization’s PAC endorsed her in 2018 for her congressional race. Most recently she participated in a roundtable, Rethinking Marijuana Legalization and Criminal Reform,” in New Hampshire where she reiterates her stance.


Gabbard has not released a specific plan for childcare and early education, but she has said she supports Medicare for All. In an interview with Fortune Magazine, she also laid out two ways in which she would make childcare safe and accessible. She would implement universal basic income and expand the universal pre-K program for all Americans.


Gabbard said she opposes the Hyde Amendment and she opposed legislation that allowed for the defunding of Planned Parenthood. She supports codifying Roe v. Wade but wants to make sure abortion is not an option during the third trimester unless the woman is at risk of severe health consequences.