U.S. Senator from Massachusetts

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Warren supports legalizing marijuana at the federal level. She believes that it is the first step needed to combat the failed War on Drugs, which she said has criminalized addiction, ripped apart families, and largely failed to curb drug use.

“This failure has been particularly hard for communities of color, and we need a new approach. It starts with legalizing marijuana and erasing past convictions, and then eliminating the remaining disparity between crack and powder cocaine sentencing,” she states on her website

Warren also said individuals who have substance abuse disorders should not be incarcerated. They should be put into treatment programs. 

Altieri at NORML said Warren is clearly a supporter of legalization and criminal reform, but her plans aren’t as comprehensive as Sanders’.


Warren is proposing a Universal Child Care and Early Learning plan that would guarantee childcare and early education for all children between birth and school age. She proposes having the federal government partner with states, cities, school districts, nonprofits, tribes, and faith-based organizations to create a “network of childcare options.” 

In her plan, those who make less than 200% of the federal poverty line would have access to free healthcare. Those above that threshold would receive capped rates for childcare at no more than 7% of that family’s income. The federal government would subsidize these daycare programs. The government would get the money from taxes on Americans worth more than $50 million.


Warren believes all women should have guaranteed access to reproductive health coverage as part of all health coverage. To do this, she sees a need to repeal the Hyde Amendment. She also wants to require states that have a history of violating Roe v. Wade to obtain federal approval before enforcing any state laws related to reproductive rights. 

“When states and localities have a pattern of illegally restricting abortion services, the federal government must step in to block their next attempt before it can endanger individuals’ health and economic freedom,” she states on her website.